Posted by Andrew on May 13, 2015 - 6:21pm

Sceney is an app for discovering the social scene in your city. Building from both your existing base of friends and other users near you, Sceney helps you find out what #theMoveĀ® is tonight.

I was contracted to rebuild the user interface to modernize the design and add a number of features.

I updated a classic iOS design paradigm to modern iOS standards

Sceney 1.0 was built for iOS 6, and looked out of place in iOS 7 and later. I rebuilt each view of the app with a cleaner user interface as specified by the client, replacing textured backgrounds and skeuomorphic buttons with a modern, dark look. I also removed a large amount of non-standard control code that the previous developers had implemented, significantly reducing interface lag and improving user experience.

I added video capture with clip-based capture and thumbnail picking

I created a video feature based on best practices from other social video apps, with easy multi-clip capture and editing in a simple, two-button interface.

I entirely rebuilt the photo capture workflow to greatly increase responsiveness and function

I replaced the simpler UIImagePicker-based photo capture flow with a more robust solution, which lets the app quickly and seamlessly switch between photo and video capture, and launches the camera much more quickly. Performance in photo capture is critical for users, who don't want to miss a shot because the app was taking too long to load.

I added an @mention function with completion suggestions

@mentions were a tentpole feature for Sceney 2.0, and a tricky one given the user name structure we were working with. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, which have unique user names for all users, Sceney has an invisible user ID for each user and displays full names to friends and first names to other users. The app can't just parse text and create a link for any user name following an @. I devised a system that stores tagged users' IDs in an array with replacement in the text string those users are mentioned in. The user, though, just needs to type enough of a friend's name for the search to find the account, then select the friend to have their name and link inserted.

I created custom view animations and transitions

Fluid animated transitions add a lot of joy to using any app. I made Sceney more fun by adding custom transition animations between some key views.